Enterprise Data Warehouse Solutions

EDI and B2B Solutions

Making EDI easy is our business. We offer completely hosted solutions but we also offer many of the components as standalone services. If you have specific needs but are not at a point where you need a completely hosted EDI solution, Datric offers specific services that may help:

Datric's Web-based EDI integration Tool (DX Trader) (Link to AET-Datric website) - DX-Trader is an affordable web-based tool that enables non-EDI suppliers to look like EDI to the large ones. Purchase orders can be sent from your company, converted to an XML format, and displayed on a secure website for your suppliers who can respond with shipping dates and invoices. All the while, your internal format works exactly the same way as a normal EDI operation. Smaller suppliers do not have to invest in EDI and can be e-capable in a matter of minutes.

SAP and EDI Services (Link to AET-Datric website) - SAP is the most widely-used ERP system and EDI extends its functionality out to trading partners. Getting the most out of EDI and SAP requires IDOC creation and use, configuration and setup, and error handling. Datric has many years of experience with both SAP and EDI and both are core focuses of our business. We have the experience needed to successfully implement SAP and EDI.

Translation Services (Link to AET-Datric website) - Mapping services for new transactions or changes to existing maps.

Translation Services - GSA Advantage!™ (Link to AET-Datric website) - Translate and submit your GSA Advantage!™ catalog and price list.

Trading Partner Certification (Link to AET-Datric website) - Trading Partner Certification is usually a "spike" in activity that strains IT departments that are busy with other duties. Datric can help by using time-proven methods of testing and certification while minimizing the impact on your operations. Once the spike in activity is complete, your staff can assume the normal day-to-day operations.

Production Support (Link to AET-Datric website) - Staffing a 24x7 Production Support is difficult due to the training and staffing needed. Datric offers on-demand Production Support as a service that can help you full-time or just when you need some additional help.

Small or Special Hosted Solutions (Link to AET-Datric website) - Every company has dealt with requirements that are outside normal operations. It disrupts the flow of your normal operations and causes much more planning and effort than usual. Datric can help by allowing you to offload those special requirements to us while you continue with your normal operations.

Standards Documentation (Link to AET-Datric website) - Standards development and implementation is important information you need to share with your trading partners so they know how you are operating EDI. Datric can help you design the documentation.

EDI Training (Link to AET-Datric website) - If you are new to EDI or have personnel who need more training then Datric can tailor training to your specific needs.

EDI Consulting (Link to AET-Datric website) - Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time and Datric offers consulting services that can help you over the rough spots. Although headed as EDI Consulting, we offer consulting services that encompass business, SAP, and production support.

Custom, Specific or One-Time Efforts (Link to AET-Datric website) - In addition to the activities mentioned above, Datric offers other solutions that may be of benefit. Please contact us with the need and we will quickly respond.