Application Decommissioning

Application Decommissioning

Applications change. Each year we're faced with an array of new technologies promising more features, easy change and massive cost-savings if we replace our installed applications. In addition to the daily cost of running old applications, existing software applications must be patched regularly and upgraded every 18 - 24 months. Software upgrades typically impact the underlying hardware, forcing hardware upgrades as well.

Hardware and software cost-savings are not the only reasons to replace old applications. The technical considerations are minor compared to the impact of business change and regulation:

  • Business must improve or lose to the competition
  • New regulations sometimes mandate radical upgrades to existing capabilities
  • Mergers and acquisitions bring together many different applications that serve the same purpose
  • Divestitures and joint ventures change the business and technical requirements

Yet, companies very rarely decommission applications. Poorly designed implementation strategies as well as corporate 'cultural' considerations make it difficult to finally sever the tie to the old application. The end result from many new software implementations is simply one more application to maintain, adding to your IT costs rather than reducing them. The old applications simply become feeders for the new application.

This common practice of 'let them die on the vine' is an expensive, wasteful option that consumes resources while adding nothing except the false assumption that 'at least we didn't lose the data'.

To solve this complex issue, AET developed tools and methodologies that:

  • Achieve certified, systems-off decommissioning
  • Ensure cost savings
  • Provide for application-neutral data retention and use
  • Ensure regulatory compliance, audit trails and traceability
  • Offer phased, practical approach options
  • Integrate with business and technical strategic plans

For applications replacement, conversions, data mart or data warehouse consolidations, application retirement and decommissioning, we have the people and tools to save you money today.