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Agile Data Suite (ADS)

Information Systems via Agile Data Suite (ADS) ADS, an AET-Datric flagship product, resolves the contradictory approaches of user-centric and system-centric design of complex information systems:

  • Provides an elegant integration of business and technical requirements with an advanced agile methodology.
  • System neutral - supporting SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SQL and most major information system infrastructures.
  • Integrates data for Business Intelligence (BI) seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Objective of ADS: Simplify and accelerate the implementation and management of complex information systems such as application consolidation, enterprise data warehousing, legacy system decommission and new systems development.

Agile Data Suite (ADS) is a data integration and management application that enables enterprise-standardized data usage. It ensures that definitions, mapping, modeling and data traceability occur across business and technical environments. This multi-perspective integration model aligns the disconnected architectures of business, technical and data management.

This revolutionary product solves severe data integration problems with an understandable interface, pre-defined terms, definitions, business models and a cross-system mapping tool on a centralized object repository. ADS provides effective project planning, significantly faster implementations, reduced data replication and greater adaptability to change:

  • Accurate, rapid data implementations in 25-50% less time
  • Build a data warehouse foundation in 3-6 months
  • Dramatically reduced labor costs with 25-50% fewer people

ADS enables many viewpoints from a single data set though an object-oriented approach to data management. Business and technical views are linked through an abstraction layer to form a common set of requirements. This common understanding allows different types of users (IT, Business, etc.) to examine these features simultaneously from their unique perspectives. With these views, data can be easily understood across projects, functions and systems.

Agile Data Suite with Industry Specific Extensions and Content:

  • ADS for Education includes an educational data model and hundreds of educational terms and definitions.
  • ADS for SAP has over 600 SAP tables and 12,000 SAP fields pre-defined and mapped to the AET Datric Business Model. Download our ADS for SAP case study (Link to AET-Datric website)